Tifton Fire Department Provides Fire Safety Packets

Tifton Fire Department provides Fire Safety Packets

October is National Fire Prevention Month and the Tifton Fire Department has decided to dedicate time this month informing citizens of the best ways to prevent fires and practice fire safety methods.

The Tifton Fire Department understands how important it is to be inclusive and provide information packets to all citizens in our community. Firefighter Francisco Preciado(pictured left), stressed the importance of providing information packets in both English and Spanish. Preciado wants to create a fire safety awareness program for the local Spanish speaking community. Preciado expressed, “I want to personally help this community understand the importance of fire safety at home by making packets in Spanish readily available to them. I want everyone to know that their safety is our main priority and concern.”
 These information packets will include information on the importance of smoke detectors, having an escape route plan, proper use of heaters, and cooking safety tips. They will also include coloring pages for children.
The Tifton Fire Department has a program they implement year round that allows them to provide smoke detectors for any home that calls and requests them. They will come install them in your homes and even will replace batteries when needed. Chief Bobby Bennet (pictured right) said, “I believe fire prevention education is the first step in helping save lives and property. Teaching our kids at an early age is very beneficial to the entire family. Kids will almost always carry home what they learned at the fire department and help teach their parents as well. Early fire prevention education has proven to help reduce fire deaths and property loss, so we see it as a priority in our community.”
The Tifton Fire Department is committed to informing all citizens of the importance of fire safety and prevention. They also want the community to know they serve as a hands on resource when it comes to fire safety knowledge.
If you are interested in receiving an information packet in either English or Spanish, please reach out to the Tifton Fire Department at 229-391-3972.