Services & Fees

Incident Reports

An incident report is a report taken by an officer at your request with information as to what happened. An incident report can be a report of anything from a dog call to an assault.

To obtain an incident report you will need to know the date of when the report was taken as well as the name of the person who made the report. Incident Reports will be available to pick up within 72 hours of completion. The cost of an incident report is.10 cents per page.

Accident Reports

  • An accident report is a report made by an officer that involves one or more vehicles.
  • Accidents Report are given out to persons that have a personal interest in the report per O.C.G.A. § 50-18-72 (5) (A).
  • Accident Reports will be available to pick up within 72 hours of completion. The cost of an accident report is $5.

Criminal History

A criminal history is a record of criminal activity that a person has been charged with. Anyone can have a criminal history record check ran on him/herself. To obtain a criminal history for yourself you will need to have your driver's license or state I.D. and you are required to fill out a consent form giving the staff permission to run your history. Cost of a criminal history record check is $5.

Record Restriction (Formerly Known as Expungement)

O.C.G.A. §35-3-37 provides for the restriction of certain criminal history records for non-criminal justice purposes when approved by the prosecuting attorney.

If an individual's record falls into one of the categories listed in O.C.G.A. § 35-3-37 they may request a form from the arresting agency. This Record Restriction form will need to be completed by the person requesting the record to be restricted, the arresting agency and prosecuting attorney.

The processing fee for Record Restrictions with our department is $25. There may also be a separate $25 fee charged by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation if the application needs to be forwarded to the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC). However, this fee will be sent directly to GCIC.


Fingerprints may be required for many different reasons. Our department is only able to provide manually rolled fingerprints. We do not have a live scan device. If you need to obtain a paper copy of fingerprints you will need to bring your set of fingerprint cards that should be given to you by the requestor to the police department and your fingerprints will be done. If you do not have any cards, the police department may be able to provide them for you.

The cost of a set of fingerprints is $5.

If you need to be fingerprinted electronically please advise the requesting company that they need to register online or by calling GCIC Applicant Services at 404-270-8417. Law Enforcement agencies can no longer give out criminal history record checks obtained through fingerprints to agencies for non-criminal justice purposes.

Cash Bond, Appearance Bond & Property Bond Procedures.

Our office is open 24 hours, 7 days a week for the convenience of the public. Our department accepts cash bonds after 5 pm Any cash bonds before 5 pm are to be paid at the Tifton Municipal Courts office at the north side of the Criminal Justice Building on Highway 82 E Tifton Municipal Court may also be reached by calling (229) 391-3967.

Upon the arrest of a person, the arresting officer takes person to jail and completes the appropriate paperwork. When the officer's paperwork is completed it is then brought to the clerk on duty at the police department.

When requesting a bond, we ask the public to wait approximately one hour before inquiring about the person arrested.

Cash Bond

When posting a cash bond for a person in jail, you will need to bring the correct change. We do not keep change in the records office. When the cash bond is completed, the records clerk on duty will issue you a receipt and they will then call an officer by the police department to take the release slip to the Tift County Law Enforcement Center so the person can be released from jail.

Appearance Bond

A bonding company signs paperwork to get a person out of jail. We have a list of bonding companies on our lobby door, as well as in the phone book. The public has to choose their own bondsman. The clerk on duty cannot do it for them. Don't ask them too. The first bondsman to arrive to post the bond is the bondsman that the clerk allows to post the bond, whether it was the one you chose or not. You will need to ask the bondsman how much they charge. We do not know this information.

Property Bond

A person who owns property in Tift County signs paperwork to get a person out of jail. If someone owns property in Tift County, they must provide the last year or the present year's tax receipt with "PAID" stamped on it along with a picture I.D. before they can bond a person out of jail. Only the person who owns the property with proper proof can sign the property bond.

Transfer Bond

If someone owns property in some other county, they must contact their local county's sheriff's office to complete their required paperwork. That sheriff's office will then seal the paperwork in an envelope and the person must bring it along with a picture I.D. to our department in order to complete our bond paperwork.